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Demonstrations provide researchers and practitioners with an exciting and interactive opportunity to present their systems, artifacts and/or research prototypes, either at a regular session or at the technical exhibition. In any case, it is required to avoid a commercial format, even if the demo consists of presenting a business product or service. Instead, the presentation should focus on technical aspects.
Any written support materials may be distributed locally but not published in the proceedings. Authors who already present a paper at the conference may apply for a demonstration, to complement but not to replace their paper presentation. Demonstrations can also be made by sponsor companies or as a mixed initiative involving researchers and industrial partners.
Demonstrations are based on an informal setting that encourages presenters and participants to engage in discussions about the presented work. This is an opportunity for the participants to disseminate practical results of their research and to network with other applied researchers or business partners.

Concerning the format of the demo, we can accommodate it either as a demonstration in a booth (physical area of 4 sq. meter, with a table and 2 chairs) at the exhibition area, as a poster or as a 20 min oral presentation at a session especially set up for demonstrations. It is also possible to organize the presentation of the same demo in more than one format. Please contact the event secretariat.

Simulation using Building Information Modelling Methodology of Multimodal, Multipurpose and Multiproduct Freight Railway Terminal Infrastructures


Eglantina Dani
CENIT- Transport, International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering
Brief Bio
Eglantina has a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in Infrastructure and Transport Planning. She has developed experience in European Project applications and feasibility studies focusing on sustainable mobility. She has great knowledge in cartographic reproduction software and has been involved in various transport studies developed on behalf of the European Commission. Eglantina has experience in data analysis and the adoption of GIS technologies and methods for transport projects. She is part of the ITS department and working on developing tools for a better management of the urban mobility in Barcelona. Eglantina is a native Albanian speaker and is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish.

The INTERMODEL project provides an integrated planning and design environment considering the whole life-cycle of an intermodal freight rail terminal. A Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology has been used to integrate into a graphical layout all the relevant data and links between the elements that represent the dynamics of the terminal life-cycle. This model provides several outputs that will be used to assess the different aspects relevant to the design decision: investment and operational costs, terminal performance and capacity, energy efficiency, environmental effects and impacts on surrounding area and on the existing logistics network. The model is adapted to the different phases from planning to final design and particularized for two pilot cases of intermodal freight rail terminals. The terminals chosen for the model are located in Italy: Melzo and La Spezia terminals. We would like to share with the participants the innovation that this project introduces. A key point of the innovation is the interoperability between calculation software that is used for analysis of different aspects of the infrastructure. Moreover, it allows for quick implementation of changes which is essential for analysing alternatives in the design without compromising time.

Simulation, BIM model, Operational Model

Goal of the Session
- Introduce the INTERMODEL project
- Show the work done during the project
- Show the models that have been used for the project (BIM, Operational)
- Explain the simulations of the external network of the terminals carried out with Aimsun and its outputs

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