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A panel is basically a one and a half hour to 2 hours session in which four to six speakers - distinguished members of the scientific and/or enterprise community, briefly present different perspectives/opinions on key issues with the goal of stimulating a lively, controversial, and provocative discussion. Panelists are expected to actively debate one another and engage the audience to help broaden understanding of the technologies and issues. Two types of panels are to be considered: Research Panels, oriented to the academic community and focused on the discussion of research topics; and Industrial Panels, oriented to promote knowledge exchanges between academia and industry.

Plenary Opening Panel Session

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014
Time: 11:45 – 13:15

Recent Issues and Trends in the Validation and Verification of Simulation Models

Chair and Moderator:
Mohammad S. Obaidat, Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of SCS, Past President of the Society for Modeling &Simulation International (SCS), Editor-in-Chief, Wiley International Journal of Communication Systems, and Professor, Monmouth University, NJ, United States

Bernard Zeigler, University of Arizona and RTSync Corp., United States
François E. Cellier, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Tuncer Ören, University of Ottawa, Canada
Paul Fishwick, University of Texas at Dallas, United States